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I Refuse

I refuse to be a part of this kingdom for I serve another King and another Kingdom.

I refuse to dream small dreams for I believe in the impossible.

I refuse to accept the status quo for I believe in hope and truth.

I refuse to hate those who hate me even when it’s convenient for I believe in love.

I refuse to be a part of this kingdom for I serve another King and another Kingdom.

I refuse to give in to cheap thrills and low living for I believe in joy and peace.

I refuse to bow to my insecurities and fears for I believe in my Creator and my God.

I refuse to trust my pride for I believe in self-control.

I refuse to sit by while others have their homes, souls, and lives destroyed for I believe in redemption.

I refuse to be a part of this kingdom for I serve another King and another Kingdom.

I refuse to buy, sell, and trade people for things, position, and stuff for I believe in the Image of God.

I refuse to be part of the system that holds others down and exalts the good enoughs, the rich enoughs, and the already got its…for I am part of a different system that lifts up the weak, the battered, and the naked.

I refuse to be a part of this kingdom for I serve another King and another Kingdom.


Hell is for the Neutral

This was posted by Mike Foster over at the Deadly Viper Blog


This is an actual photo from Asia with pricing for girls.

Young girls.

Children in China.

Evil exists.

It is found in those that would pay a couple American bucks for the opportunity to rape a child.

But evil also exists when we do nothing to correct wrongs. When we ignore injustice and refuse to stand up for the voiceless.

A poet once said “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.”

Forgive me. I know this isn’t very POTSC of me. But I get angry about this.

God give us the courage to do something.

Mission Trips and Planes

“Missions doesn’t end the moment you get on the plane, it just changes locations.”-@kmattison

Mission trips tend to be spiritually high moments. We see God work in ways we’ve never imagined. We see God use ordinary people like us to do the extraordinary. Sometimes these experiences can lead us to question our faith or even the purpose of mission.


Maybe mission trips, like the one we just were on, is supposed to be a launching pad rather than a week long trip where we eat weird food.

Maybe what mission teaches us most is that ‘I’ am not the center of the universe. Maybe it teaches a that God can use ordinary people to do the extraordinary no matter where they are.

My prayer is that Belfast becomes a launching pad to unleashing God’s love and hope into Butler.

May we always believe in a God who uses ordinary people to see the extraordinary happen. May we continue to practice a faith that launches us into a mission that costs us self but unleashes hope and love.

Kids Club Party Setting Up

Big party for Kids Club today out in a park.

Here’s some pics of us setting up:

City Centre and Shoes

Today is kind of a day off here.

We are down in City Centre, which is an amazing area of Belfast with some great shops, restutants, and fun things to do.

The students here have been working real hard for the past for days on little sleep buy with a huge heart.

One of our students went above and beyond last night. After sharing his testimony about 10 minutes later he noticed one of the students from Belfast shoes were torn and falling apart.


He gave his shoes away to the kid. In fact, they traded shoes.

That’s just one reason our students are amazing. Buy I truly believe God is working in that pair of shoes and a few stories about how another student came to know Christ.

Youth Drop In Pics

For the last 3 nights some of our students have been apart of a youth drop in center.

Students from all over the Shankill area will be here tonight with a 3rd opportunity to share their story and to talk about following Christ.

Our students have spent the last two night building relationships with these students and now our students are running the show tonight. 3 students are sharing their testimonies, performing a stomp routine, and giving students a chance to make Jess everything to them.

May God become everything to these students as we choose to lift him up and make him everything!

Day 3 Review

What an amazing 3 days we have had so far!

It was so great to be able to watch our Kids Club (VBS) team run their program yesterday! They did awesome! About 60-70 kids have come for the last 2 days and it just keeps getting bigger and better!

We also got SOAKED yesterday! We were on our way to a local park to play some football (soccer) and to invite students out to our evening youth drop in center. It was amazing to see our kids smiling and being positive even while being wet, cold, and far from our ‘home base’.

Sometimes we take for granted all the things we have in life and all the people who deeply love us (like our parents). Over the last 24 hours we’ve been reminded how much our parents and God loves us. As we were coming in soaked from being outside those 60-70 kids were trying to figure out how they were going to get home.

9 year olds were taking care of 5 year olds.

Kids walking home in the pouring rain, with no idea if their parents are home.

Something’s in life, like this, pull at your heart deeply.

No 5 year old needs to be out of the street by themselves.

No 9 year old needs to be responsible for his 5 year old brother.

It’s gotta change!

May we be the change!