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Hell is for the Neutral

This was posted by Mike Foster over at the Deadly Viper Blog


This is an actual photo from Asia with pricing for girls.

Young girls.

Children in China.

Evil exists.

It is found in those that would pay a couple American bucks for the opportunity to rape a child.

But evil also exists when we do nothing to correct wrongs. When we ignore injustice and refuse to stand up for the voiceless.

A poet once said “The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in time of great moral crises maintain their neutrality.”

Forgive me. I know this isn’t very POTSC of me. But I get angry about this.

God give us the courage to do something.


Broken Heart

Broken_heart_by_fabu.jpgArt by Fabu

I got a phone call yesterday.

It was someone I wanted to meet with, so we planned to meet a few hours later.

It was great to be able to hear from this person since I haven’t gotten to talk to them for a while. We talked causally for a few moments and then they broke down.

They told me about how wrecked their life was.

How one moment seemed to erase years of hope and joy.

How someone stole from them their innocence, their purity, and their peace.

I don’t plan for days like yesterday.

(I can barely finish typing this blog because of the tears streaming down my face)



I don’t have most of the answers. My heart is broken for my friend. My heart is broken for people like my friend who have had their innocence, purity, hope, and joy stolen from them.


Because I believe and live in the kingdom of God, I have hope for a better way of life and of a better way.

I have this great hope that people who’ve been broken by others will be restored.

I have this great hope that people who’ve been exploited and used will be remedied.

I have this great hope that people who exploit and break others will be redeemed.

For now I pray.

Will you pray with me, for this kingdom, for this healing, for this hope.

Sex in the Hallway…


The past 2 weeks at The Remedy we have been going through a series called: Bleach. We have have been looking at what it means to live the kind of life God wants from us, in regards to, purity, sex, and greed.

One of the students was just in my office and said this to me…

“I walked down the hallway this week looking down saying ‘Buying and selling people…buying and selling people”.-Danny

He’s started seeing his world a little differently.

He started recognizing how easy it is to lust, to make people into products, so he started to change it.

It’s exciting to watch students like Danny change.

Maybe the problem with abstinence programs and purity programs is that all the time your being told “NO SEX!” but… your never taught to see the world differently.

How does this happen?

You begin to see the world differently when you START to see God correctly.

You begin to see the world differently when you START to see people correctly (like God does).

You begin to see the world differently when you STOP defining life by stuff, by sex, and by the now.

Getting Inked and Invasions


In just a few hours I will be heading to downtown Pittsburgh to get some tattoo work done. I love getting work done on my tattoos, mostly because its actually very relaxing but also because I love having conversations with my tattoo artist.

I will upload some pics later to show you what I am getting done. But until then,would you let me know your thoughts on this…

“When Jesus talks about heaven and hell, they are first and foremost present realities that have serious implications for the future. Either can be invited to earth, right now, through our actions. It’s possible for heaven to invade earth. And it’s possible for hell to invade earth…Because with every decision, gesture, comment, action, and attitude, we’re inviting heaven or hell to earth.”-Rob Bell (Sex God)

(1) If every decision and every gesture we make is inviting heaven or hell to earth, then in every thing I do, from the way I walk to the way I talk is either inviting others in heaven or hell…why is inviting them to hell more common for me?

(2) What does an invasion of heaven in your life look like?

(3) What does an invasion of hell in your life look like?

The Light


Once you lived in the dark, but now the Lord has filled you with light. Live as children who have light. Light produces everything that is good, that has God’s approval, and that is true. Determine which things please the Lord. Have nothing to do with the useless works that darkness produces. Instead, expose them for what they are.Ephesians 5:8-11



One of the problems with living a pure life, the kind of life God wants from us, is that we get so used to living in the dark that we think its normal.

We think that the things that characterize the darkness are normal for humans…but they aren’t.

God didn’t create you to live in darkness. He created you to live in the light.

Think back to Creation. You were made in God’s image characterized by beauty, goodness, and love…not by things of darkness (which Paul tells are are things like sexual immorality, greed, and impurity).

You weren’t created for darkness…you were created for light.

BUT. What does life in the light look like?

  1. It’s the Good Life…its a life characterized by goodness. Good living, good relationships, good sex, and good stuff!
  2. It’s the Approved Life…its a life characterized by God approved living. Things like giving, trusting, hoping, praying, believing!
  3. It’s the True Life…its a life characterized by truth. Truth in sex, honesty, mind and heart purity, truth in every area!

Are you living in the light?

Bleach: Its Time to Get Clean

This weekend at “The Remedy” we will be begining a new sermon series called ‘Bleach’ where we are going to look at purity in a fresh way.

I am really excited for this sermon series, especially this Sundays message where we will examine why God has called us to live a pure life.

If your a student…you need to be there this Sunday.

If your a parent…you need to make sure your student(s) are there.

Bleach…its time to get clean.