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Redeeming Prison


“God has a process. As an addict, the only thing I could think about was getting high. I had no process. It took 2 years, 9 months, and 9 days for me to discover God and his process.”

Last night I sat with a few guys. One of them just got out of jail.

He told me about how he ended up there and how he never wants to go back. He told me about how seeing the homeless in New York City called him back to God.

He told me he dreamed about going back there and telling them of God’s deep love for them. He told me he dreamed about going back there and telling inmates that they didn’t have to fall into the cycle. He told me he dreamed of handing out Bible and food to the homeless.

12 days out of jail and  he  was dreaming bigger and deeper then most Christ-followers would ever will.

I don’t know it was the silence of prison, or the length of his time, or the reality of prison that affected him.

But as I drove home last night I couldn’t help but believe.

I choose to believe in God’s power to heal and restore and redeem. I choose to believe that a broken system does not hinder a God bigger than the system.

I’m reading a book that tells me I can believe in redemption…not just for my soul but for my world.

Our church is starting a partnership with the local prison. Because we believe. We believe in redemption and restoration.

Do you?